Stephan BeckerOrthopedic surgeon and traumatologist (Austria)

    Dr. Becker is an orthopedic surgeon and traumatologist who completed his medical studies in Brussels, Saarland, Montreal and Heidelberg. His focus was on orthopedics and traumatology, although he wrote his PhD thesis on the topic: “Occupational aspects in the genesis of the bronchial carcinoma”. He has also acquired further qualifications in sports medicine and chiropractic therapy. In 2018 he and two colleagues received the Lodwick Award from Harvard University for the best paper worldwide in musculoskeletal research 2017. In addition to many memberships and board positions, he has over 80 publications in peer reviewed journals, 3 books, 15 book chapters, as well as many citable abstracts, oral papers and he also holds 6 international patents. He furthermore conducted 120 humanitarian / educational projects in 30 countries on 6 continents.
    Furthermore, to his wide range of international teaching experience as guest lecturer and associated professor, he also holds the lecture for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine for the Masters degree program at the University of Applied Science in Vienna, since 2015. Additionally, he works in his practice in Vienna and in the Vitazen Center in Grödig / Austria, where he is Senator of the Forum Via Sanitas Salzburg, since 2012.