Marion SchneiderProfessor of Immunology & Experimental Anaesthesiology (University of Ulm - Germany)

    Marion Schneider is Professor of Immunology as well as Professor of Experimental Anaesthesiology (University of Ulm). She obtained her PhD with honours at the age of 26 years at the University of Bonn (Germany), and completed her postdoctoral degree at Institute Pasteur, Paris (France). She finalized her habilitation in 1988 on Immunology and teaches on a variety of inflammatory diseases including SIRS, sepsis and neuroinflammation. She has led the Division of Experimental Anaesthesiology in Ulm (Germany) since 1998. Pr. Schneider has published more than 250 original manuscripts and provides ample experience on biomarkers in various diseases and signalling. She also holds numerous patents and has received many honours – among them, Queen Silvia Award of the Histiocyte Society for protein chip development (2004) and A.E. Baue Research Award (2nd), Munich (2010).