Dr. Ursula BubendorferPrivate medical doctor, Austria

    Dr. Bubendorfer is a general practitioner and specialist in paediatrics, who completed her medical studies in 1970 at the University of Vienna. After finishing her medical studies, she worked as a Junior Doctor at the University Children’s Hospital in Vienna. Afterwards, she held the position of Assistant Doctor and, finally, went on to become the Head Doctor of the University Children’s Hospital in Vienna. Since 1990 she has been carrying out her medical activity in her private practice, focusing on complementary medicine. Over the years, she has specialised in homeopathy, F.X. Mayr therapy, manual medicine (chiropractice), acupuncture and applied kinesiology, among others. She is also an expert in micro-immunotherapy and holds the position of the president of MeGeMIT (Medical Association of Micro-Immunotherapy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Dr. Bubendorfer is a medical trainer and hotline counsellor at MeGeMIT.