Dr. Kurt MosetterCenter for interdisciplinary therapies, Germany

    Born in 1964, Dr. Mosetter studied medicine in Freiburg (Germany) and finished as a Medical Doctor in 1996. Between 1986 and 2004 he made several journeys to the Far East in order to study the concepts of far eastern medicine (in particular in India, Tibet, Nepal). He finished his academic studies in 1998 with his doctoral thesis at the Institute for Psychology and Psychosomatic Medicine (Professor Michael Wirsching) of the University of Freiburg.
    After his studies, he established his first medical practice. Here he marked the beginning of applied research that related the knowledge of modern science (physics, biomechanics, statics, neuroscience) to the traditional knowledge based on experience (acupuncture, dietetics). Over the next years, Kurt Mosetter and his brother Reiner Mosetter created a new specific and very effective approach of therapy called Myoreflex Therapy. This genuine form of manual therapy has been beneficent for people suffering from pain, stress and trauma ever since.