Prof. Karine BenachourYahia Fares University, Algeria

    After obtaining her PhD in veterinary medicine from the Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich, whose theme had focused on the study in electron microscopy of the development of certain parasites, Prof. Benachour joined the Department of Experimental Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine of Louisiana State University in the USA. Among her projects, Prof. Benachour has focused on the development of animal models of atherosclerosis in order to study the role of the repair enzyme PARP-1 in the development of atherosclerotic plaques. This successful research has enabled her to obtain promising results, which have been published in the prestigious journal “Circulation” of The American Heart Association. In another section, the results obtained on the role of apoptosis in the genesis of colon cancer have been published in the journal “Carcinogenesis”. As a collaborator, Prof. Benachour has published results in the journal “The Journal of Immunology” of The American Association of Immunologists.
    Back in her country Algeria, Prof. Benachour held the positions of Lecturer in General and Special Anatomy-Pathology, and then University Professor in metabolic diseases and cancer. Prof. Benachour also held the position of head of the Master’s in Medical Biology and Cellular Biology and Pathology. Currently, she holds the position of Director of the Laboratory of Biology and Experimental Pharmacology. In collaboration with English and American universities, she directs several doctoral theses on diabetes, colon cancer and COPD.